Beyond the “monos” in 2016 we started to work directly with traditional Portuguese tanners. Now we have our own leather made by ancient techniques from our country. This new partnership is very enriching because these makers give us the guarantee of a very high level leather, considered by many one of the best made in Europe.




Yellow / Gray / Blue / Brown / Black

The same leather in these 5 colors have the same treatment chosen by us. A very Smooth feeling allied to a strong body.

All our bags can be made in one color or combining all. We suggest these 5 colors although we have more available.

For more info please contact us: info@pickpocketbags.net

_DSC3583- _DSC3586- _DSC3596-



In 2016 we intend to recover the use of the strong fabric called Lona/Canvas. A traditional form of production in the Iberian Peninsula. Using raw threads with strong twist, Lona is a very resistant fabric that can be used continuously. Our Cotton Lona is made upon order in a Portuguese weaver, specifically built for our products.


We believe Lona contains all the characteristics, that we search for our models: Made on looms, tough and soft, it is quite resistant in everyday outdoor use. Either combined with our leathers, or plain and simple only reinforced by our technique, the models never loose the nobility of their design.

Cork Oak is a tree that lives in our country for hundreds of years. Thus cork production is an old Portuguese speciality. In the last years, this matter has been adapted to be used on bags and on a diverse range of objects.


Our Cork comes in many colors and patterns, and we use it combined with leather as a way to ennoble this natural matter. The result is in our point of view, a happy marriage between these two exotic materials. A bag made of cork is lighter than a leather bag, but still maintains the strength and elegance we seek in our products.


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