Leather Maintenance – Care – Part I (Water Problems)



One of the issues that often comes to us is the maintenance of the Leather Bag/Wallet.

Over time and with daily use, leather goods tend to wear out and change their appearance. Often they earn a special patina that gives them the aura of an aged preciosity. This will be interesting to some people, but not for all.

Common problems caused by everyday use,  too much rain or accidental oil stains, can surely be solved. But it must be taken into account before starting any treatment, what is the type of leather you have in your hands. This will be the key factor to guide any action. Please remember that any product to be applied on a  Leather Bag/Wallet, should always be tested in a non-compromising area before moving on to the whole of the object! This reminder is to avoid unnecessary stains on the leather / or the occurrence of unwanted color transformations.

To help us with this issue of maintenance we selected some experienced partner advices, which we believe can bring some ideas and resolutions to these situations. We use the “Leather Milk” in the USA for their experience and wide range of products to solve problems with the maintenance of Leather: www.leathermilk.com.

Leather and water are not best friends. When the leather has no protection at all, it is advisable to use a Conditioner (1) or a Protector (3) to prevent water from going deeper into the leather. If the Leather is not waterproof, water will remove the oils that make it flexible, which will eventually leave it dry and harder.


For Water Stains “Leather Milk” advises:

Absorb the water surface with a soft cloth or sponge, never rub. Allow the Bag to dry naturally, away from sunlight for a few hours.

Ideally from one day to the other, and preferably in a cool dry place, away from any source of artificial heat as these tend to shrink the leather. One can fill the bag with crumpled news paper sheets so that it dries stretched out, or in the case of a wallet or small purse, let it wrapped in a soft absorbent cloth. The Bag should dry thoroughly and as naturally as possible. And this will be enough to solve most common water stains.

If you get stains on the leather, it is because the water is too ingrained, and these stains can be tricky to pull off. In this case one should act as soon as possible and the all process should be more intense. It is important to absorb the greatest possible amount of humidity, to begin with, and when the bag is completely dry apply a Milk/Cleansing Cream (2) uniformly. Milk/Cleansing Cream should be applied on the entire bag and the drying process should also be as natural as possible, preferably from one day to the other.

The next step is hydration. After a successful drying process, it is necessary to replenish what the Leather has lost in this process. For this purpose there is Milk/Cream Conditioner (1) whose function is to moisturize the Leather and restore the natural oils that make it flexible and soft.

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Milk/Cream Cleansing should be used when the Leather is excessively dirty, or for a periodic cleaning of 2 or 4 times each year. One should take in account the use given to the bag and also the climatic conditions of the geographic zone.


Be sure of the type of leather you have in hands. Usually the manufacturer should provide this information. Shake well the package and perform a test on a non-compromising area. Make the process of drying it in a dry, cool place for a few hours, away from the sunlight and any artificial heat. If the result is not too far from the original color of the bag, then it is safe to proceed with the product for the whole of the bag.


Clean the all surface with a dry cloth. Then apply the milk / cleaning cloth directly into the leather Bag/Wallet and massage the whole area of the good evenly, ensuring that the absorption occurs equally. Some people use their fingers to better feel the amount of product that the leather can absorb, but an absorbent cloth will also do the job. The “massage” should be in circles so that the distribution is balanced. It is important not to saturate the bag, because the Milk/Cream Cleansing when used in excess can dehydrate the leather. After checking that there are no excesses accumulated in the Bag, you can start the drying process.

Products: 1. http://leathermilk.com/leather-milk-store/leather-care-liniment-no-1-leather-conditioner/ 2.http://leathermilk.com/leather-milk-store/straight-cleaner-no-2-leather-cleaner/ 3.http://leathermilk.com/leather-milk-store/water-protectant-no-3-leather-protector/ Sources: http://leathermilk.com/ http://leathermilk.com/5-quick-leather-remedies/

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