Leather Care – Part II – Leather Milk

Leather Care Leather milk

Care Routine

In what concerns the maintenance of a leather good, we believe that to be attentive is half way done to keep your leather good. Nevertheless it’s always useful to be conscient of different ways to care and clean. Pickpocket Team is quite satisfied with the Leather Milk products to Clean, Care and Maintain our leather bags. We received the products and they were well accommodated, in a nice box with sealant plastic around. The white patch that came is quite good, but still we prefer the sponge because its a better distributor on the bag surface.

Pickpocket Bags Leather Care

Leather Care Formula Nº 1 is a very fluid lotion with soothing effect. It hydrates on a regular way and doesn’t saturate the leather. Applied with a sponge creates an even surface protection.  We tested on the corners of a used Apside Bag, and we were quite surprised with the result.

Milk Healing Balm: This cream, has been very efective in covering small scratches on dark leather bags. It doesn’t fully repair deep scratches but it improves 80% of the defaults. May need more than one application to create a better result.

Pickpocket - Leather Care bag

pickpocket - Leather Care blue bag

Straight Cleaner Nº 2 : is also a very fluid lotion with an abrasion effect. The stains really go! We tested it on light colored leathers and we found it to be very efficient taking out stains and some dirt. After cleaning we let it dry overnight to better see the results.

Auto Refreshner Nº4 : This one we tested on many different situations, always with the sponge. We feel it brings a new life and a discreet shine to the leather. Making it look hydrated but not too much. Dries in a few hours! Works very well on colored leathers.

We recommended these products to a client in the US, and she was very satisfied with the results after the bag had been exposed to salt and snow! Although Leather Milk is based in the US the parcel arrived to us very fast and every time we have a doubt they are very quick to reply and clarify.

Pickpocket - Leather Care USA
Photo from Mary E. Rauktis – USA


For more info you can check their website: https://leathermilk.com

Thank you Chamberlain’s Leather Milk!

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