Pickpocket® begins in Aveiro , Portugal in the year 2012 by the hands of André & Teo. The makers who imagine, draw and transform leather into bags and accessories. Pickpocket produces individual handcrafted bags, backpacks, totes and wallets, for those who appreciate an essential and practical design for their daily urban life. The work is inspired by classic models and basic forms, in order to find practicability for everyday use. Our technical knowledge comes from elder bag makers from our region, with whom we have been learning.

Teo & André.


All our pieces are unique. We use a specific leather that has no continuity in the industry scene. This matter comes from Footwear and Leather Goods Portuguese factories, and is commonly known as “monos”. These materials/”monos” exist in limited quantities, and that’s what makes each series individual and limited. Beyond the “monos” in 2016 we start to work directly with traditional Portuguese tanners. For the first time we have our own leather made by ancient techniques from our country.

Our leather products are meant to live in an urban context. As a consumer you can expect to continue the transformation process of our pieces by using, and maintaining them. A certain look and variations may occur, and these are supposed to be. The leather will gently age with time and mould to it’s owner. Each product is ready to thrive our contemporary adventurous days.

KombuBe aware, we are everywhere!

André & Teo

Pickpocket® Team

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